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****UPDATE ON 5/31/16..life has changed quite a bit in the last few months since starting this blog and I've moved to be closer to my dad and have a little bit more peace of mind myself :) I'm now living in a house instead of an apartment that's 5 minutes away from my dad instead of being 40 minutes away from him! My new address is below.

You can send anything you would like to my dad (his name is David Howard) to my address. I live in a great neighborhood, fortunately and anything you send will be secured and I personally guarantee it will make it's way to him :) You can expect updates on this blog! My address is:

Chris Howard (or you can address to David Howard...I will deliver to him)
636 Jefferson Heights Ave
New Orleans, LA 70121

If you don't mind, please include your return address so that I can send you a thank you card :) I love sending notes in the mail, so you'd be making me happy too by doing so ;)

Thank you!!!!

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  1. Chris,
    You don't mention if your dad is a reader? If so what kind of books does he like? I just lost my dad David Howard Fowler (and my mom Bettie) though they were older than your pop, but I've always believed in signs and I think I was supposed to find you and send a hello to your dad.
    I hope he is maintaining his health throughout this process - it can be long and icky and you need to remember to keep yourself well with good food and rest.
    I am sending a postcard today (I am a postcrosser) but would like you to send me a list of things he might need or books he might like when you have a little time and I will try to provide what I can. Best wishes until I hear from you. Terri terrifowler@charter.net


Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment :) They'll all be shared with my dad, I assure you!